10 easy ways to Green your home

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Greendeal3Living a green lifestyle has never been more important to us as a population, and being green in the home isn’t something that has to be hard. Infact, going green is probably a lot easier than you think and you can do so by just following a few of the steps below. By switching bulbs, watching your heating usage and more, you’ll really make a huge difference. So go on, why not give some, if not all, of these a try? You’ll feel better, and greener once you do.

1. Programmable thermostats
How many times has the heating been on all day when no one is in the house? Or how many times have you had it on and then had to open the door because you’ve suddenly become too hot even though you were too cold moments ago? Plenty, I imagine. But a programmable thermostat could help you stop wasting energy when you don’t actually need the heating on. By setting up the timers, you can control when the heating comes on and when it goes off. This means better heating regulation, more predictable bills and less worry. You won’t need to concern yourself with your heating anymore because it will simply organise itself, which sounds good, doesn’t it? Suppliers of these systems in the UK include Honeywell UK and Drayton Controls.

2. Bulbs
Switching to energy saving bulbs is perhaps a classic when it comes to having a greener home, but surprisingly many people still don’t do this. However, the benefits are well worth it. They may cost a little more, but they last for around five years and only use a third of the power of original bulbs. The energy you save by doing this one small thing will help the nation towards a greener future.

3. Insulate your Walls.
The amount of heat that can escape through exterior walls that are not insulated is astounding. By installing some insulation, you won’t need to use so much heat to keep your rooms at optimum temperature. Plus, the amount of money it costs you will likely make back in savings on your bills, so what have you got to lose?
4. Energy Efficient Appliances
As silly as it sounds, half of the appliances that are electronic in the home don’t really need to be. Why not switch to a manual tin opener? Or opt to use a regular toothbrush instead of an electric one? Even using a rake instead of a leaf blower in the garden helps. So switch today. Not only will it be greener, the price of your appliances will also be lower.

5. Online Newspapers/Bills
With the ever-progressing internet, there really is no need for that stack of papers and letters to be piling up on the side. Most companies now offer electronic bills that you can access on the internet, and almost everyone has a smart phone/tablet/computer, so you can also access your favorite paper online too. You don’t have to turn to the internet every single time you want the news, but doing so most of the time will greatly help the green cause.

6. Go Organic
When it comes to cleaning the home, we usually settle for the same old, same old products. But they are likely not environmentally friendly. Switching to organic products not only helps the environment, but will make you feel good. Start small, change your glass cleaner and then scale up. Historically, our ancestors used things like lemon, baking soda and vinegar to clean and they have no problem with it. It may take a while to get used to using these types of products instead, but switching to organic products will help you be more green all year round.

7. Window and Door Seals.
As well as through the walls, heat can escape via your windows and doors. It’s important to make sure they are sealed properly to prevent this from happening. You could add weather stripping to your external doors, or perhaps caulk your windows. Whether you do this yourself or get an expert in, making sure there are no gaps around your windows and doors will keep you warmer and happier, as well as a greener.
8. Recycling
This can sometimes feel more of an effort than it’s worth. How many times have you had cardboard or plastic and instead of putting it where we should go, have instead just thrown it into the normal bin? We all do it, but recycling doesn’t have to be a chore. By creating specific, labeled bins and putting them in an easily accessible place, recycling need never be an irksome task again. Also remember to wash your glass jars out too. It will take a few seconds out of your day, but it’s invaluable to the recycling companies.

9. Save Water
You don’t need the tap running whilst you brush your teeth. You don’t really need to do a half load of washing and you really should just fix that leak before it wastes more water than it already has. Saving water is an easy task that only requires a little bit of forward thinking. It’s something anyone can do, and it will assist you in your task of becoming greener.

10. Green Power
If you dig a bit, you may find your energy provider can provide your home with �?Green Power’. Many utility companies offer this, you simply just have to ask. From then on, the electricity you’re supplied with will come from renewable sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. This may be a little more expensive than your traditional supply of power, but surely it’s worth paying a little extra to save the planet?

There are many ways to green your home, and this list is by no means an extensive collection. But these points will all assist you on your mission to be more environmentally friendly. It doesn’t have to be hard. Infact, a lot of the suggestions are easy things to do. It’s about exercising awareness, and if we all do our bit, the planet will be a greener place in no time at all.

This article was written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of greendealshop.com, the �?One Stop Shop’ for all your Green Deal needs.


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