10 great cream tiles for creating a stylish interior

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Cream tiles have been a long time staple of interior design, used for their airy finishes and multivalent colouring that can easily fit with a whole range of other schemes, furnishings, additions and features.
For many designers, the cream tile represents the perfect blank-canvas for building up a stylish kitchen, bathroom, hallway or living space, allowing for a versatile finish that will work and bend to the will of the overall idea. For others, the cream tile is a timeless option that will ensure the continued vogue of a room from year to year.
Either way the fact remains that they are among the most popular interior ceramic and porcelain design features on the market, with a real cascade of variations now available—from matt-finish anti slip, to high-gloss patterned pieces that form the centrepiece of a space.
Here’s a selection of 10 tiles we love that can help you achieve a whole range of different design effects in a room, ranging from minimalist finishes without colour or interruption, to more thought-provoking and busy surfaces that will give any room its own unique definition, look and style.
image002Get opulent and elaborate with these Britannia Victorian patterned tiles
Granted these tiles may not be cream through and through, because they’re coloured in patterns of off-grey and orange, which helps to create that opulent and elaborate Victorian finish (shown here). They can be used in conjunction with plain cream tiles to produce a classic English townhouse effect, and with their hardwearing porcelain finish, are also great as kitchen splash backs, bathroom feature walls, or conservatory space decoration.
Get the Greek look with these Agora interlocking tiles in ivory
These rustic ivory tiles mirror the haphazard streets of the Greek Agora, offering DIY-ers and designers a way to reproduce those al fresco spaces of the ancient world. They are made in hardwearing porcelain too, making them a perfect choice for high-traffic areas, outdoor spaces and spots exposed to the elements (think patios, conservatories, or wet rooms). Examples can be seen on the Direct Tile Warehouse website.
Get a brilliant shine with these Bonga wall tiles
There are loads of benefits to be had from using a high gloss cream tile on interior walls. Not only will the shimmering finish reflect any light back into the room to give the illusion of space, but the glazed surface looks great and is easy to maintain or wipe down. These Bonga tiles are some of the most popular high gloss creams going, with a rectangular 20x50cm shape that makes them perfect for standard wall fittings and use with other colours (as shown).
Create a super stylish space with these Chelsea patterned tiles
With their subtle inlaid patterns and light musky cream finish, these Chelsea tiles are set be a really popular choice for wall and floor tiling in the coming season. The sporadic placing of the lightly decorated tiles makes for a truly interesting finish, while the continuous, vertical lines created by joining seams on the floor and wall creates an illusion of height and space. What’s more, the completed surfaces go very well with intermitted splashes of colour, helping you fit in that crimson bath (shown) or those bespoke additional furnishings.
Go contemporary with these Colter wall tiles
These high-gloss, wood-effect cream wall tiles are the perfect option for DIY-ers looking to achieve that chic and stylish modern-look room. They can be used in spaces right throughout the house and are perfect in conjunction with darker patterns on the floor, or border tiles on the wall. What’s more, the reflective finish adds light and airiness to the room, and helps to expand the space visually.
Making the most of the light with these giant Hanoi tiles
Coming in at a whopping 80x80cm, these high gloss Hanoi tiles are an example of the all-new wave of giant tiles that are becoming particularly popular in British homes. Typically the styles are used to create an illusion of space inside, by maximising the coverage of single tile and reducing the appearance of grouting seams. However, this particular range goes one further with its glimmering gloss finish, by reflecting any latent light back into the space.
Add some richness to that floor with these Jaipur porcelain tiles
The perfect choice for anyone looking to make their floor the focal point of the room, these Jaipur tiles are criss-crossed with marble-like veins of a faint Jaipur red. They also come in hardwearing porcelain, making them suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, high traffic areas and even commercial spaces.
Go rustic and rugged with these Latino floor tiles
Another of our new modular tiles in porcelain, these ivory tiles are perfect for creating a rugged and rustic look on outdoor and indoor floors. They come in slabs of 44x44cm and are criss-crossed with mismatching sizes of small, large and medium tiles, helping to create a patterned effect across the completed surface. What’s more, they are hard wearing, durable and perfect for high traffic areas.
Use textured tiles to create relief on the walls
Using a range of textured tiles (like the ones shows here) on your walls can have a great visual effect on the final interior. Not only with the surface have an interesting patterned finish, but it will also play with the lighting and accessories of a space, and have a unique feel to touch once complete.
Match these Rimini wall tiles with the floor
Using gloss wall tiles like the subtle Rimini range, with its light natural stone patterns and easy-on-the-eye grouting seams, in conjunction with glossy flooring, can create a unique effect in a bathroom or a kitchen. In a similar way to large tiles, it can help eliminate boundaries between the two spaces, creating an image of space and continuity that’s great for the overall interior.


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