A look at housing solutions for the elderly

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homeAs time goes on, many of us begin to require different things from our living situation. In addition to living with people in a similar situation to ourselves, it can be helpful to be provided with a range of services tailored to our needs, from housing to health benefits; the specific services that each of us require can differ hugely. Here, we take a look at just some of the help that housing associations can offer the elderly when it comes to accommodation.

Independent living

When we reach the age where we need a helping hand from time to time, it isn’t always necessary for us to move into communal living where we are provided with hands-on help around the clock. While it’s nice to have help on hand should we need it, many people prefer to maintain as high a level of independence as possible.

In addition to a range of social services, housing association properties are often designed for those with specific needs which arise from disabilities or problems with mobility. This allows the tenants to care for themselves if they wish, even in situations which might normally require the help of a third party.

Affordable housing

One of the problems facing many elderly people across the UK with respect to housing is finance. The cost of living can be particularly high for elderly people, even more so if they require high levels of support throughout the day. Fortunately, when it comes to Housing support Ipswich has a variety of solutions to offer.

In addition to affordable housing solutions, housing associations can provide elderly tenants with help surrounding advice on dealing with benefits and social security payments. Problems with the housing itself can also be dealt with by the housing association. Repairs cannot only be physically demanding, but they often prove costly. For this reason, the support provided by housing association can be hugely beneficial to the elderly.


Whether it’s on a daily basis or once every few months, many elderly people have health concerns as well as the need for a number of medications which can be confusing and hard to keep track of. The knowledge and assistance offered can make life far easier for people in this position. Housing associations are able to have staff on hand capable of responding to emergencies and ensuring that tenants know they are in capable hands, should something go wrong at short notice.

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