How to do bedroom luxe on a not-so-luxe budget

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bedroomHere at Feather _ Black, we have a range of traditional, classic and contemporary furniture collections in a price to suit every pocket. From iron beds to co-ordinating furniture sets, we sell a wide range of luxury bedroom furniture that’s both functional and fashionable. Choose from a range of practical furniture solutions in a style to suit you and create your dream bedroom design.

Why not consider a unique and relaxing room with a luxurious and lived-in look? Creating a luxury bedroom needn’t always involve a big budget. Follow our handy hints and tips and fashion a luxurious look for your bedroom with a helping hand from Feather _ Black.

While it’s well worth investing in major items of furniture, such as a beautiful bed and long-lasting storage solutions, there are a variety of ways of bringing additional luxury to your boudoir without breaking the bank. Spend more money on the most important items and consider more budget-friendly accessories to create design accents.

Why not create a timeless room by mixing and matching modern with vintage pieces? When you splurge on essential items, choose designs with neutral styling. Colour and creativity can then be brought into the bedroom by means of cheaper accessories and paint or wallpaper schemes.

Why not create a romantic room with faded floral wallpaper? Bring glamour to your bedroom with soft, pastel tones. A headboard with a scalloped edge will add femininity to your four walls and a beautifully-dressed bed brings the finishing touch. Delicately detailed cushions and a quilted throw in shimmering, silky fabrics will create an air of opulence and luxury living.

We stock a wide range of luxury bed throws for your home in a variety of super-soft fabrics. Quilted silk bedspreads and faux fur throws will add texture to your interior and create a luxurious look for your living space. Add opulence to your well-dressed bed with a decorative cover at the foot of the bed. Folding the quilt will create height and texture for additional elegance.

Bedroom accessories, such as blanket boxes and trunks will bring a vintage feel to your design scheme with a nod to nostalgic glamour. Incorporate additional opulence and an air of whimsy with vintage-style chairs and sofas. Creating a retreat rather than a functional room is the key to luxury living. An antique-style chaise-longue beneath a bay window is the epitome of laid-back, elegant living.

Small details can make a big difference to the overall look of your living space. From decorative cabinet and door handles to your choice of lighting and lamps, combine inexpensive accessories with statement pieces. Decorative bedside lamps with fringe detailing are reminiscent of a more lavish lifestyle. Combine different fabrics and materials to add depth of design to your bedroom and richness to your interior.

Scour antique markets and keep an eye out in second hand shops. From reproduction pieces to unique accessories, you’re bound to get your hands on some fantastic finds. Why not browse our product pages for a collection of luxurious and vintage inspired home accessories? From antique style photo frames and candle stick holders to delicate glassware and vases, look no further than Feather _ Black for luxurious and affordable bedroom interior ideas.


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