Better Floor Planning: Things you must know

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FloorBuilding a new home from scratch or having one renovated requires good planning especially in the kind of flooring you will be installing.

Choosing better flooring for each room in the house is a must because each flooring type is perfect for a specific function. This should be given much thought considering that floors are the most abused parts of the house.

The installed floors have to be durable because they will be under a lot of stress for many years with the house occupants stepping or running on them along different rooms and areas of the house. When deciding what flooring to use, you have to take into account the functions and purpose of each room.

Bathrooms and kitchens require flooring which does not corrode when in contact with liquid which is why ceramics are a perfect choice for these areas. This type of flooring is perfect especially when a certain area in the house is prone to liquid spills because ordinary wood flooring will rot in time under these conditions.

Speak to your bathroom renovator to discuss what type of flooring would be best for your bathroom. Also discuss what trends, materials and furniture you should have. For bathroom renovations in Brisbane, visit this website.

Ceramics and porcelain tiles can also inherit intricate and beautiful designs which can make a bathroom look more pleasing to the eyes. It is advisable to use different colors for the bathroom floor and the bathroom walls with both colors complementing each other well thereby generating a nice aesthetic effect.

Choosing the right colours

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Colors for your tile flooring are a very important factor that helps beautify your interiors even more. For ceramics, you can stray from the standard and lay out the ceramic tiles in a diagonal manner to portray a more striking detail inside the room.

If you are aiming for a look that follows a certain decor or a certain theme, you can install tiles of different designs and shapes that have bold colors to bring out a modern feel to your bathroom. You can also use tiles that inherit flowery designs in light colors such as light blue and pink if you are aiming for a Victorian design. For a Mediterranean look and feel, you can use terracotta tiles for your bathroom.

For bedrooms and hallways on the other hand, a good type of flooring is vinyl wood. This material is very easy to clean because all you need is a vacuum to suck out the dirt, dust, and grit. In some cases, you can choose to use a floor cleaner to polish it and rejuvenate the shine. Any spills on this flooring should be wiped off immediately if you wish to keep the floor from getting stains. You should also keep abrasive materials away from the floor because these things may leave scratches and small damages to the vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is popular in any type of home regardless of size because it is not expensive and it looks beautiful and emits a homey feel inside the house. Furthermore, it has a very long lifespan. Why choose vinyl flooring?

If you take all the necessary precautions in taking care of floorings, they can last a lifetime. All you need is to give them the proper attention and regular maintenance.

Although the flooring in your bathroom or kitchen and your bedrooms may be different, knowing the benefits of each one is a plus to keep you from making wrong and expensive mistakes in deciding what flooring you will be using for your new or renovated home.


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