Fitting Your New Curtains

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CurtainsCurtain fitting isn’t a task that necessarily has to be undertaken by a professional. With this easily understood guide we show you how you can install your own curtain pole or rail and attach your curtains.

Each professional curtain fitter will have their own unique way of calculating the measurements for every fitting they encounter. There is not necessarily any right or wrong method providing that the end result leaves you satisfied with the appearance of your curtains.

Typically, most people wish for their curtains to be sat so that they are just in contact with the floor.

Regardless of how you wish for your curtains to be positioned your starting point is to take your curtains and hold them up against the wall at the height that you wish for them to be sat once they are fixed to the wall.

Now, take a pencil and create a straight line level with the top of your curtains. Mark lightly so that your guidelines can be gently removed with an eraser after the fitting without causing damage to the wallpaper.

Fitting a curtain pole

Above the line you have created for the top of your curtains you will need to create another marking to indicate the centre point of your pole.

The height at which you choose to fasten your pole to the wall will also be largely dependant upon the size of your curtain rings. The larger the diameter of your curtain rings the more of a gap there will be between your curtains and the point at which they connect to the pole.

With this in mind it is probably a good idea to connect one of the curtain rings to the hooks on the back of your curtains which you should have attached by this point. Then, take the measurement of the space between the top of your curtains and the centre of your curtain pole (referred to as distance B throughout this article).

If your curtains are tied up with a pleated heading then your hooks are likely to be attached using rufflette tape further down the back of the curtain.This is another point of consideration as this in conjunction with the size of your curtain rings will further affect the height at which your curtains sit off the floor.

Take this measurement and add it to the line that you already have marked on your wall and create another marking to show where your pole will be located on the wall.

Fitting a curtain track

When fitting your curtains on a pole you are likely to position the pole higher than you would a track as the curtains hang from the pole rather than sitting in front of it like they would with a track.

Despite this, the same measuring strategy still applies. You can find �?distance B’ by measuring the gap between the top of your curtains (attached to the track) and the point at which you plan to attach your track to the wall.

Employing a professional to do the job for you

Surrey-based Pole Position offer professional and affordable curtain fitting services across the UK. Not only will they save you the chore of fitting your own curtains but their exacting standards and quality promise will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.


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