Five reasons a conservatory would be great for your family

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A conservatory can be a great addition to your home, adding an elegant old-world feel even to modern construction. These glassed in rooms have been appearing in homes since the 16th century, when those with wealth and prestige set out to cultivate the citrus fruit brought to them by distant travelers. These rooms have seen use as attached greenhouses, or as sunrooms that bring the light of the outdoors in even during the colder months. There are numerous ways your family can benefit from having a conservatory in your home.

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1) Great for your family’s health!
There are a number of health problems related to not getting enough natural light, one of the most prevalent being seasonal depression. By having a cozy indoor place that is regularly flooded with natural light, you and your family can benefit from an abundance of all natural sun, without having to brave the elements!

2) Great for your pets!
Pet lovers know that some of our animal friends just aren’t suited to going outdoors in certain weather conditions, but this doesn’t prevent them from trying to be furry little escape artists! A well-lit conservatory can be a great indoor area for your animals to get a little outdoor exposure. If you have cats, you could even plant their favorite catnip and cat-grass to aid digestion in a flowerpot there too, all grown in the natural light of the sun!

3) Great for the elderly!
Staying active is important for aging family members, who often have health issues that can make mobility a bit of a challenge. Not to mention the risk cold winds could pose to an elderly family member; something as simple as a persisting cold could be tiresome or even dangerous. This naturally lit sunroom of your home will provide them with the opportunity to do a little indoor gardening or a bit of tai chi, and make reading easier with the full, natural light of the sun!

4) Great for your children!
There are so many reasons why outdoor time in the sun is important for growing, developing children, the most important of which would be the need for Vitamin D in their little bodies, which allows the body to absorb the calcium their bones need so much. Having a conservatory allows your children to bask in the sun’s rays during the cooler months without running the risk of catching a sniffle.

5) Great for fresher, better tasting meals!
Conservatories provide a rare opportunity to bring fresh herbs into your home all year round. By using a portion of this internal space as a greenhouse, you can feed your family deliciously savoury meals, even in the middle of winter. There is no doubt that produce grown at home tastes better than what you could ever get at the grocer’s!

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These are just a few of the ways your family can benefit from having a new conservatory added on to your home. These spaces are beautiful, add value to your home, and can turn simple family gatherings into a truly special event.

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