Simple yet effective tricks to make your living room look larger

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Living-Room-6If you’re like me and have a modest sized living room, have no fear, there are a plethora of ways that you can make it look, and feel bigger than it actually is. In this article, I will highlight 10 simple ways to do this.
Get rid of any clutter
Getting rid of clutter is the simplest and most cost effective thing you can do. Not only will this make it easier to keep your living room tidy, but it will also free up more space. If you don’t use something and its making your room look untidy, then it’s effectively clutter.
Incorporate an oversized mirror
Interior designers often utilise oversized mirrors in small living rooms, not only does this help reflect light, but it also makes spaces look and feel bigger than they really are. The great thing about mirrors is that there are so many different styles of them, giving you huge flexibility when choosing one to complement the rest of your décor.
Draw attention to your ceiling
It’s amazing how many people aren’t aware of this design trick. By drawing attention to your ceiling, you will draw people’s eyes upwards, creating an illusion of height. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, perhaps the most effective is to install a statement making chandelier.
Let there be light
A room that doesn’t receive much light is always going to look smaller. If your living room doesn’t receive much natural light, make sure you compensate with effective artificial lighting. To let light flood in from the outdoors, open up your windows and get rid of heavy draperies. Add more lamps or consider installing recessed lighting.
Paint your walls and ceilings white
When it comes to choosing a colour, white is without a doubt, the best shade for making your room living room appear larger, both vertically and horizontally. Avoid painting your living room in dark shades as this will only make it look smaller. Neutral colours such as magnolia or crème are ideal.
Make use of multifunctional furniture pieces
Investing in furniture pieces that serve numerous functions is an effective way streamline your living room. Consider an ottoman with built in storage to tuck away magazines, books and any clutter. Another option is a slim TV cabinet that has plenty of draws.
Create a focal point
Use a prominent item or feature to create a main focal point that draws attention away from the rest of your living room. A prominent sofa makes a great focal point. Chesterfield sofas are the ideal choice for a focal point due to their domineering appearance. Take a look at Thomas Lloyd’s Chesterfield Sofa range for some inspiration.
Consider a glass coffee table
The less the floor can be seen, the smaller a space will seem, this is especially true in a living room. If you need to have a coffee table, consider a glass option. Not only will this provide you with practicality, but because it’s transparent it will draw less attention and create an illusion of more space.
Ensure that traffic flow is easy
The ease in which you and your guests can walk through or around your living room has a significant effect on how spacious it’s perceived to be. For example, if you place your sofa in the middle of your room, it’s going to seem more cramped because you will have to walk around the sofa to get to anything. In short, always ensure that you or your guests don’t have to stumble around furniture and items to get to where they want to go.


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